Why Is My Cat Losing Weight?


Is your cat is dropping weight? Unintended weight reduction is mostly a signal of an underlying fitness trouble.

Many proprietors suppose that weight reduction is everyday for senior cats, however this isn’t the case. Its essential to do so in case you be aware unexplained weight reduction for your cat.

Why Is My Cat Losing Weight?

How to Tell if Your Cat is Losing Weight

It is tough to inform in case your cat is truly dropping weight if it occurs gradually. If your cat has a variety of hair or was slightly overweight, then it is able to be tougher to inform whilst weight reduction has occurred.

To determine your cats frame situation, begin via way of means of searching at your cats frame from above. At a really perfect weight, there need to be a tuck on the waist this is substantial however now no longer excessive. Next, run your fingers alongside your cats sides. The ribs need to be palpable with a skinny protecting of fat. If the ribs sense very distinguished and are visible, your cat is in all likelihood underweight.

What Causes Cats to Lose Weight?

In many cases, cats shed pounds whilst they’re now no longer ingesting enough. However, a few sicknesses purpose weight reduction regardless of good enough meals consumption. Depending at the purpose, weight reduction may also or won’t accompany different symptoms and symptoms of contamination. Many fitness issues can purpose weight reduction in cats, a few greater extreme than others.


Hyperthyroidism is a pretty not unusual-place contamination that most customarily impacts older cats. Cats with hyperthyroidism produce an excessive amount of thyroid hormone because of an expansion of the thyroid gland. This expansion is commonly because of a benign tumor that grows at the thyroid.

Common symptoms and symptoms of hyperthyroidism encompass weight reduction, multiplied urge for food, and multiplied thirst and urination. Some cats additionally revel in vomiting, diarrhea, and hyperactivity.1 Some will vocalize and act restless. Cats with hyperthyroidism may also have coats that seem unkempt and greasy. Hyperthyroidism is dealt with with radioactive iodine or oral medicines.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney sickness is one of the maximum not unusual-place ailments visible in senior cats. The kidneys produce essential hormones, filter wastes from the blood, assist adjust blood pressure, and facilitate the manufacturing of latest pink blood cells. When a cats kidneys prevent functioning nicely, it results in quite a few different troubles.

Increased thirst and urination are a number of the first symptoms and symptoms observed whilst a cat has kidney troubles, observed via way of means of lack of urge for food, weight reduction, and lethargy.2 Chronic kidney sickness can’t be cured, regularly be medically controlled with medication, weight loss plan change, and fluid supplementation.


Diabetes mellitus is some other not unusual-place disease which could have an effect on cats. This endocrine sickness impacts the capacity of the pancreas to supply insulin, a hormone had to adjust blood glucose.

Signs of diabetes encompass weight reduction, multiplied urge for food, thirst, and urination, and lethargy.3 Diabetes is normally controlled with insulin and a weight loss plan change. Other medicines can be used. Some cats can even revert returned to everyday after numerous months of remedy.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Any problem with inside the GI tract can have an effect on a cats weight. First, GI issues can lessen urge for food. Second, a few troubles save you the GI tract from nicely digesting meals and soaking up vitamins, main to weight reduction. Some GI issues visible in cats encompass intestinal parasites, inflammatory bowel sickness, pancreatitis, and different pancreatic troubles, or even cancers of the GI tract.4

GI troubles may also purpose lack of urge for food, weight reduction, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and greater. Treatment of GI parasites can be as easy as deworming the cat. Other GI troubles normally require medicines and supportive care.

Dental Problems

Oral and dental troubles can purpose excessive pain, lowering urge for food and main to weight reduction. Common dental issues in cats encompass periodontal sickness, resorptive lesions, and enamel fractures.5 Some cats broaden stomatitis, a painful infection of a cats mouth and gums that can be immune-mediated.

Signs of dental troubles encompass terrible breath, drooling, pawing on the mouth, or maybe oral bleeding.5 The first step to remedy is for the vet to place your cat below anaesthesia and do a expert dental cleaning, examination, and remedy as necessary. Some cats will want oral surgical operation and/or enamel extractions.


Like people, cats can get most cancers pretty much everywhere of their frame. Cancer may also or won’t be visible within-side the shape of a tumor. Lymphoma is one of the not unusual-place cancers visible in cats and it is able to stay within-side the GI tract, mouth, lymphatic system, and greater. Most styles of most cancers will sooner or later purpose preferred malaise, lethargy, pain, muscle wasting, urge for food loss, and normal weight reduction.6


Cats may be very touchy to modifications of their home. Because they’re regularly amazing at hiding outward symptoms and symptoms of pressure, they could revel in larger signs later on. Any environmental stressors can result in tension and pressure for your cat. Reduced urge for food is a not unusualplace signal of pressure and could sooner or later result in weight reduction.

There are some of different fitness troubles which could result in weight reduction. If your cat has an underlying fitness problem, you could or won’t be aware different symptoms and symptoms of contamination. In addition, many sicknesses have comparable signs, so analysis calls for a veterinarian.

Treatment for Weight Loss in Cats

The remedy for weight reduction in cats relies upon at the purpose. If you be aware your cat is dropping weight, your first step need to be to agenda a vet appointment. Your vet will do a bodily examination first. Next, lab checks and/or x-rays can be had to decide the trouble. Based at the findings, your vet may also endorse medication, weight loss plan change, surgical operation, or different remedy.

If your vet offers your cat a easy invoice of fitness, then the weight reduction can be because of insufficient meals consumption or a few unknown or undetectable situation. Ask your vet for recommendation approximately feeding and environmental enrichment. If you could decide a supply of pressure in your cat, begin via way of means of running to lessen that pressure. Your vet also can endorse a weight loss plan this is proper in vitamins and calories, doubtlessly supporting your cat advantage weight.

If your cats weight reduction keeps regardless of modifications you make, then ensure to observe up together along with your vet approximately it. Your vet may also refer you to a veterinary specialist for superior diagnostics.

How to Prevent Weight Loss in Cats

You can save you weight reduction for your cat via way of means of frequently tracking frame situation and travelling the vet frequently for well-being examinations. Cats are specialists at hiding contamination and injuries, however your vet can be capable of come across a trouble earlier than it receives out of hand. Be positive to file any modifications for your cats conduct on your vet proper away. It is a good deal simpler to deal with a fitness trouble withinside the early tiers than to attend till your cat will become very ill.

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