Why Dogs Bury Bones and Other Objects


Have you ever given your canine a bone handiest to observe him head to the sofa or out of doors with inside the lawn to bury it?

Many dogs like to cover matters in secure locations and frequently puppies are predisposed to bury objects that belong to them, and every so often objects that do now no longer. Discover 4 motives why this conduct occurs, and the way or in case you must prevent it.


This conduct may also have evolved because of sturdy survival instincts inherited from the domesticated puppies wild ancestors of untamed puppies and the grey wolf. Food changed into now no longer constantly the perfect to return back with the aid of using and to make the maximum of the meals that they’d, those wild dogs could frequently bury the extra with inside the floor close to their dens.

The soil acts as a herbal fridge with the aid of using preserving the meal farfar from direct daylight and the temperature of the earth decreases with the intensity of the hole, preserving meals more energizing longer, so the animal can retrieve it later while nourishment is scarce.

Dogs may also bury some thing they bear in mind precious, which does now no longer simply encompass meals. This is because of their herbal intuition to hold precious matters secure and protected.



There are numerous breeds which are extra predisposed to digging and burying than others. A few of those breeds are Terriers, Dachshunds, Beagles, Basset Hounds and Miniature Schnauzers.

Carin Terriers, for instance, had been at first bred to chase and hunt small recreation, and that they have maintained their amazing digging capabilities and their intuition to search.

Since those breeds are bred in particular to dig, they will actually have a heightened preference to shop their resources, and consequently are much more likely to bury bones. This is a ordinary conduct for dogs. Remember, irrespective of a canine’s breed, all puppies have the capability to dig.


Dogs want stimulation and shops for his or her strength each day. And while people do now no longer offer it for them, they’ll discover their personal approaches to occupy themselves. An instance can be the amusing recreation of stealing a television far off and burying it to get your interest (an interest searching for conduct) and to feature a few range to their routines.


Stress and anxiety can play a component on this conduct as well. Some puppies which are feeling traumatic may also bury objects to calm themselves considering digging is a self-soothing conduct.

If a canine does now no longer sense secure for the time being or with inside the region they may be fed in, they will bury their meals to consume in a extra snug area or time. You might also see extra of this conduct in multi-canine households, or amongst puppies that grew up in conditions wherein that they’d scarce resources, consisting of in a domestic dog mill.

This conduct may also enhance as soon as your canine feels secure and is consumed a constant schedule, however if now no longer, it’s far recommended to are trying to find recommendation out of your veterinarian and conduct professionals.

How to Stop Burying

Remember, burying conduct can arise for a large number of motives and motivation can encompass boredom, anxiety, and the herbal urge to cover matters in secure locations. It’s an ordinary conduct.

To decrease this conduct, make sure to offer scheduled walks, play time, nice education techniques, and different suitable shops on your canine’s strength. Keep amusing toys out to hold your canine busy whilst you aren’t around.

Kong toys full of treats or puzzle toys paintings specially well. Be positive to rotate the toys to hold matters interesting.

You also can convert the entire act of burying right into a amusing indoor recreation which you play some instances at some point of the week together along with your canine.

This is usually recommended due to the fact its your puppies herbal intuition to bury, so that you are presenting suitable possibilities on your canine to bury what you ask him to (instead of your television far off controller). This recreation will enhance your canine with a brand new mastering of what’s ok to cover and what’s now no longer.

If your canine is burying your objects or burying their toys out of boredom, do the following:

  1. In an upbeat tone, name your canine’s call to get their interest.
  2. Redirect your canine to the correct digging region, a quick recreation of play, or different incompatible conduct and reward.

Lastly, restrict your canine’s get entry to to their toys in order that they grow to be interested by the toys which you omit for them. By restricting the amount and presenting range, you can reduce your canine’s urge to take their treasures out into the backyard and bury them.

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