What you should know about caring of cats

Rest and regularity are essential in proper care of cats.

Being dragged to a new home or vacation address is a nightmare for the animals. Better to have a babysitter, although a cat will not always appreciate that change. A cat should have enough places to retreat in the house. Preferably in different rooms, so that he can explore. 


Other diversions, in the form of toys, a climbing pole and a scratching post for the cat to sharpen their nails, are also very welcome. An enthusiastic owner who gives the animal a lot of attention is one of the basic necessities of life, as well as social contact with other dogs. Flea and worming of the cat is also important for proper care.

The importance of good cat food
The cat is a carnivore. This means that a cat needs animal tissue and has a great need for animal proteins. A lack of it can cause irreversible damage to organs such as the heart and eyes. More and more people, following themselves, are putting a cat on a “vegan diet”: don’t do this.

Cat food with meat is necessary for proper care of cats. Cat food should consist of at least a quarter of protein and furthermore of fats, (not too many) carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In addition, fresh, clean water is a basic necessity of life. Therefore always provide a clean water bowl for the cat.

The hunter in the cat has prevented a cat from chewing properly, but tearing or cutting its food. Soft canned food is therefore consumed faster than hard chunks. Cats generally do not eat more than they need, but the risk of obesity is present as cats are often given too much and too often food. So pay close attention to obesity when caring for cats.

When eating food, its smell plays an important role. The cat’s nose is very sensitive. For example, a cat could recognize food that is bad for its health by its smell. Cats like variety in their food, as long as it doesn’t deviate too much from what they are used to and as long as it has enough smell and taste. If the cat needs to follow a special diet, introduce this gradually and do not switch to something new from one day to the next.

The temperature of the food is also important. A cat prefers to eat food of around 35 degrees Celsius; exactly the temperature of a freshly killed prey. A cat’s appetite can decrease due to stressors such as noise, pain, a new roommate or a changed environment. Age and sexual activity also influence eating behavior. The cat can be stimulated to eat through the smell (food that has been standing for a long time no longer smells attractive) and the temperature (warm up the food for a while).

Cat toys
Cats need a physical challenge. Although cats sleep a lot, when they are awake they like to exercise and lose their energy. Good cat toys keep your cat vital and healthy. In addition, regular exercise will make a cat feel better about itself. There are numerous cat toys available. To have fun, such a toy for a cat does not have to be complicated at all. It’s a good idea to start with some simple cat toys of various types, such as balls or mice. You will automatically get to know your cat’s preferences.

Coat care of the cat
Coat care of the cat is important. Some species need more care than others, but for all cats it is nice to be brushed. Long-haired cats need intensive coat care. To keep the cat’s coat healthy, it is also important to keep the cat free of flea.

Lost cat
To avoid missing tragedies, it is wise to have your cat microchipped. The chip has a unique code that is registered with the Dutch Database of Companion Animals. Once your cat is microchipped, it can always be identified and found by veterinarians, animal rescue personnel and shelters. The cat cannot lose a chip, a collar with an address tube can.

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