What do you need for buying a cat?

Prepare yourself well, because buying a cat is better not impulsive. Cats take a lot of time and money. A cat that turns 14 years old costs a total of more than $ 7,000. If you want to bury the animal after its death, you will have to pay an additional $ 1,000. Make sure you know what you are getting into so that you can offer the animal what it needs. Then you can enjoy each other for a lifetime.

buying a cat

Ten Tips for Buying Cats
Have you thought about the following points? These tips play an important role in buying cats. If you want to buy a cat, consider the following points:

– A cat may like to hang in your curtains and scratch the couch to pieces
– Vacuuming, cleaning the litter box, fleas … a cat does not help with housework
– Cats prefer not to move or go on vacation
– Buying a cat costs a lot: food, cat litter, scratching post, basket, vet
– Cats don’t like to be alone. They are social animals. Rather take two cats, make sure they can interact with the neighbourhood cats outside and give them enough attention
– What kind of cat do you want? A cat from the shelter, a purebred cat, young, old?
– Kittens should be at least 12 weeks old before they are taken from the mother
– A cat can live up to 20 years and prefers to spend its life in the same place
– Does the cat have to get along with other animals or children?
– A cat brings smells that do not suit everyone. Just think of the litter box, sprayed curtains and a dead mouse hiding somewhere

Buying a cat: the costs
You want to buy a cat, but what are the costs? The purchase costs of a cat is varying. For a purebred cat you pay $ 200 to more than $ 1,000. A shelter cat costs an average of 80.

In addition, there are one-time purchase costs for, for example, a basket, a scratching post and a litter box. Feed, maintenance and veterinary costs (annual check-ups and vaccinations) quickly amount to $ 500 per year. Take into account veterinary costs, for example, castration.

In addition, you can be faced with costs if your animal unexpectedly falls ill. You may want to consider purchasing insurance when purchasing a cat. If you want to buy a cat, costs are always a factor to take into account.

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